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Objectives of the Sorraia Horse Breeders Association

The Association aims to matters relevant to the creation, preservation, promotion, dissemination, study and marketing of the Sorraia horse and the legitimate interests of its members. In this sense, it is proposed to safeguard and upgrade the Genealogical Book of the race, as well as create a service expert advice to guide the race management with respect to its standard more appropriate pairings and exchange or sale of players in Portugal or abroad, and to ensure compliance with the guidelines adopted with regard to a possible admission of "blood" again as a last resort to recover a population that is closed on itself for more than 60 years.
At the same time, encourage the various works of a scientific nature that have come to develop, given the valuable genetic heritage which is at stake and the value of preserving as well as the unique characteristics of the population in question, perfect living laboratory under conservation.

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